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Prahran Place: A New Era of Community-Building

Prahran Place – the new name for Prahran Community Learning Centre, signals a new era for this community-building asset

A decision to find a better name for PCLC (Prahran Community Learning Centre) – a Neighbourhood House situated in Prahran’s Grattan Gardens, has led both its employees and Committee of Management on a six-month journey which led to an exciting working partnership with Marcus Carman of Goodfifty Design

Principal Executive Officer, Shima Ibuki believes the name Prahran Place perfectly reflects the local environment and what they do. “Our team wanted a new name that better reflected our broad scope of work and engagement with the community,” Shima said. “We are so lucky to be surrounded by some fabulous places including Prahran Market, Prahran Square and Prahran Central, so it made sense to build on this and create a name that would literally give our community a sense of ‘place’.”

More than just a name, Prahran Place signals new ambition. “We want to be central to everyone in Prahran – whether they want to do life drawing or yoga, make new friends, or gain work-related skills. This is the place,” Shima continued.

As the rebrand is rolled out, Prahran Pace will be getting the word out on its courses, workshops and social gatherings via monthly newsletters, letterbox drops and community gatherings.

In the upcoming months, a research project will be underway to find out what further activities our Stonnington residents would like Prahran Place to introduce.

To keep up-to-date on these developments, go to:  www.prahranplace.org.au

About Prahran Place

Prahran Place serves its local residents, by bringing them together to share in a wide range of activities from arts and music to fitness, technology skills and social groups – all designed to create a sense of community. People of every age and background participate in our recreational programs, educational workshops, occasional childcare service and social events. Additionally, we offer support services to members of our community who are facing challenges; these services include employment assistance, referrals and food programs.

9510 7052

40 Grattan St, Prahran

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