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40 Grattan St, Prahran

Our Purpose

At Prahran Place, our strategy is rooted in our vision of a strong, healthy, and connected local community. We are committed to being an open door for anyone in our community, listening to their needs, and providing relevant services and support. With a focus on continuous improvement, we aim to deliver sustainable, inclusive, and diverse programs that maximise opportunities for all.

Our Aspiration


A strong, healthy, and connected local community.

Our Why


A place of opportunity.

Prahran Place provides opportunities for people and our staff to connect with others, to learn, and to access additional supports that make a real difference.

Our Outcomes


A place to BELONG

A place that maximises its space to the benefit of everyone in the community. A place that has realized its potential.

A place that SUPPORTS

A part of a local eco-system that helps people get the support they need from the right place regardless of where they go first.

A place to LEARN

A program of classes and pre-accredited learning that directly responds to the needs of the local community.

Our Building Blocks


Exceptional people.

Exceptional people who are confident, capable and clear in their role. Supported in their delivery and development. Trusted in their decisions.

Sustainable business.

Delivering a surplus that can be re-invested for more choice and control of our own decisions. Strengthened through diverse and long-term funding.

Equipped for delivery.

Focus on continuous improvement in everything we deliver on, whether that be process, data or technology.

Our Work


Our Guide


We believe...

9510 7052

40 Grattan St, Prahran

Term 3 Programs Now Open for Booking!

Join our classes now!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Term 3 programs are now available for booking!